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Advanced PCB Handling Systems Available In The Indian SMT Market

PCB handling systems are indispensable in SMT lines, and can play a crucial role in the quality of the end product.

Model: Edgetech loader/unloader; Manufacturer: Leaptech Corporation
This is available in single and multi-magazine options, for loading and unloading of PCBs. It has a sturdy and stable design, a user-friendly soft touch LED membrane control panel, and a pusher conveyor with adjustable pusher positions. It provides a high throughput with a short magazine changeover time.

Key features:

  • PLC control system
  • LED TFT touchscreen control panel
  • Four-step pitch selection (10mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm)
  • Two magazine-loading options
  • A special anti-clamping plate that’s foolproof
  • Moves in the left-to-right or right-to-left (optional) direction
  • Standard: SMEMA
  • Loading time: Approx. 6 seconds
  • Number of feed boxes: Upper transmission machine – 1; lower transmission machine – 1 (customer specified)
  • Transmission height: 920mm (±20mm) (customer specified)
  • Replacement time of feed box: About 20 seconds
  • Transmission direction: Left-to-right/right-to-left (optional)
  • Step pitch: 1- 4 (10mm step pitch)
  • Available in three sizes: Loaders: HY250LD, HY330LD and HY390LD
    Contact: Leaptech Corporation,
Model: NG buffer (SSB-200/SSB-200D); Manufacturer: SJ Innotech Co. Ltd, Korea
This board handling equipment (NG buffer) is locatedafter the SPI/AOI machines to store NG PCBs in the rack/magazine while transferring good PCBs to the next machine in the FIFO or LIFO method. The advantage of the NG buffer is that it saves the cost of manufacturing by eliminating NG boards before final testing and rework can be done to make the PCB defect-free.

Key features:
• PCB is transferred by a geared belt drive method
• Safety cover-CE
• Functions such as loading, unloading, buffer and pass
• Two-stage conveyor
• Cooling fan
• Up/down soft start/stop (inverter)
• Possible to change loading volume (maximum15 pcs)
• RS232C communication with SPI/AOI
• PCB transfer in FIFO/LIFO method available
• Dual lane buffer as an option
Contact: Panasonic India Pvt Ltd, (

Model: PCB inspection conveyor; Manufacturer: EMS Technologies Pvt Ltd
This unit is used to link SMD machines or board handling units. It has a programmable logical controller. It uses a lead screw to adjust the width of the PCB. A standard 4-pin SMEMA cable is supplied for connection with upstream and downstream machines.

SMT inspection conveyors can link the SMT PCB magazine loader/unloader for SMT assembly. This PCB conveyor is mainly used for equipment linking, visual inspection,  manual assembly, and PCB buffering functions. Its advantage is its short length, which  allows it to be placed where there is a space limitation.

Key features:

  • High quality ESD conveyor belt for long lifetime, and easy replacement
  • Linking conveyor length from 0.5m to 1.5m available, depending on the application
  • Steel frame, static painted surface for smooth and stable operation
  • Linking conveyor speed is adjustable and can be  customised to a double section for the multi-type SMT production line
  • ESD flat belt and special conveyor track make it easy to transfer PCBs from SMT pick-and-place system to reflow oven
  • Inspection and linking mode is selectable
  • SMEMA interface can connect with other machines to operate automatically online

Contact: EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd,

Model: Getech bottom router (GBR); Manufacturer: Getech
The GBR is an in-line bottom router machine specially designed to route (depanelise) printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) into individual assemblies. The PCB is received in the incoming conveyor and is positioned and clamped. The gripper finger station securely handles the PCB. The bottom spindle router precisely routes the PCB. After routing, the PCB is accurately placed in the outgoing conveyor while the frame is dropped onto the waste conveyor.A new graphical user interface with Getech’s ‘move, teach and cut’ advanced control software enables user friendly ‘visual’, rapid and accurate online programming.

Key features:
• Large range of panel sizes up to 500mm x 400mm
• Powerful servo motor powered axis
• Auto conveyor width adjustment
• Auto gripper finger change (option)
• Automatic program changeover (option)
• Good/bad board segregation (option)
• Flat belt or bridge axis outgoing conveyor

Model: VEGO FPS 60; Manufacturer: ASYS Group
The product features a new FIFO buffer and can store up to 60 PCBs.

Key features:
• Board length: 70mm – 460mm
• Board width: 50mm – 460mm
• Board thickness: 0.5mm – 5mm
• Buffer spacing: 22mm
• Buffer capacity: 60 slots
• Max. component height: +/- 40mm
• Transport height: 920mm (+/- 50mm)
• Machine size – L x W x H: 1130mm x 1190mm x 2040mm
• Board weight: Up to 2kg


Model: Y and A series; Manufacturer: YJ Link
YJ Link is an established, global manufacturing company known for its automation and production systems. Its Y series and A series of board handlingsystems meet diverse customer requirements. The Y series models are made in Vietnam and offer modularisation, flexibility, and fast lead times with a good price, while the A series products are made in South Korea.

Key features:
• Compact design
• Touchscreen operation
• PLC controls
• Durable structure with double base plate
• LED tower light with alarm
• Steel wheels come as standard for easy mobility
• Side covers are standard for better aesthetics

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