Electronics Industries Association of India was established in 1967 with sole objective of promoting manufacturing and business expansion in Electronics & IT. Electronic Industries Association of India also has been networking with national and international technical institutions and business promotion bodies to further the interests of its members. Today, in an increasingly liberalised environment, there is greater focus on professional and value-added services rendered by the Association to the Electronics and IT Community.

To promote large-scale manufacturing in the ESDM sector in India, a Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (M-SIPS) was notified vide Notification no. 175 dated 27th July 2012. The M-SIPS scheme provides following incentives:
  • Capex subsidy of 25% in non-SEZ and 20 % within SEZ
  • Reimbursement of CVD/excise for capital equipment for non-SEZ units
  • Reimbursement of central taxes and duties for 10 years in select high- tech units like fabs
The capital expenditure (Capex) includes not only expenditure incurred on plant, machinery and equipment, tools etc but also expenditure incurred on R&D including cost of IPRs, copyrights etc. It also includes cost of building.
While the Government has initiated M-SIPS as an enabling incentive towards creating an ecosystem for ESDM in the country Electronic Industries Association of India realizes that the benefits are not completely leveraged its members. Electronic Industries Association of India feels that seeking services of a consulting firm for preparation of the M-SIPS application would be of great assistance to its members.
Electronic Industries Association of India through its consulting partners offers specialised service to companies who are willing to apply for incentives under M-SIPS policy from Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY), Govt of India.

To provide support services to members of Electronic Industries Association of India, desirous of applying for M-SIPS application through its consultancy partners.

Scope of the work will be as per Client requirement and readiness, as below:-
  1. Due Diligence of the application for correctness and alignment with DeitY guidelines
    • Check if all individual/ promoter/consortium information is provided as per guidelines
    • Check if all individual documentation is part of the application
    • Check if all company documentation is part of the application
    • Check if all reports related documentation is part of the application
    • Check if the report contains all the information as asked for
    • If any of the above is missing, send the list of missing
    • information/documentation to the client & advise on what is required
    • Final check once all information/documentation/reports and content is submitted by client
  2. Preparation of the application where business plan is completed by the client Collection of required data and business plan from the client
    • Primary & Secondary research
    • Preparation of the report
    • Incorporation of changes if any
    • Preparation of the final document
  3. Preparation of the business plan and the application; Preparation of the business plan which includes :
    • Current Status of the business including financials
    • Detailed project report which includes the following reports
    • Technology Proposal
    • Technology and Market feasibility if any available
    • Operations and facilities Analysis
    • Financial Modelling including sensitivity analysis
    • Risk and Sustainability Plan
Electronic Industries Association of India has negotiated the fee with its partner after discussion among its membership to ensure quality service in reasonable cost. The fee structure will vary depending on the level of engagement detailed above in three categories.

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